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Importance of Eye Glasses.

Many people only associate the rays emitted by the solar system to be a danger to the skin that results in skin burn and with the extreme skin cancer. Forgetting that the rays also are more dangerous to the delicate eye lens tissue; through the ultraviolet (UV) rays causing the now common cataract disease that forms cloudy form to the eye lens eventually and after a long period of exposure to these rays a blur vision occurs reducing the strength of vision. To learn more about eyeglasses, click Cataracts don't occur instantly but takes a long time of exposure and is a danger since it simultaneously affects both eyes and is a danger to those who are involved in the long and continuous driving of vehicles, reading as visual impairment take shape to deterioration.

To avoid all these problems that are prevalent with UV rays, simply get to the habit of putting recommended sunglasses but if the situation happens before and after the cataract has intensified, it is advisable to go for eye surgery otherwise blindness will eventually set in, and it is the cause of blindness in many countries. Cataracts are more prevalent among aging persons due to prolonged exposure to the UV rays. Apart from the UV rays, other agents that accelerate the spread of cataract are the use of cigarettes and lack of vitamin C.

Cataracts can be intensified when eyeglasses or contact lens prescription are erratically replaced. This brings about faint scatter and blockage of the amount of light that passes through the lens, preventing a clearance of image from reaching the retina resulting in blurriness.

The intraocular lens is often surgically used to correct this malfunction of the natural eye lens. The lens acts as a window in a house and is positioned behind the pupil and allows the initial light through to the retina that conveys it to the brain.To learn more about eyeglasses, visit To help persons suffering from eye related malfunction, optical lens manufacturers have come about with monofocal lens that assist to see objects at a distance but on a fixation status. Bifocal or progressive lenses used in spectacles assist to differentiate the distance of an object.

The type of eyeglasses is important to get to know what is suitable for your eyes. Photochromic lenses, for instance, will protect the natural lens of the eye as they immediately transform when exposed to intensive sun rays saving the wearer from having to carry two types of eyeglasses; that is reading glasses and sunglasses. The polarized lens, on the other hand, comes in handy for indoor usage where it adjusts the images to appear sharper and clearer and need not be prescribed by the doctor, they can be bought over the counter. Learn more from

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